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1st Party New Car and Used Car Leads

If you’re ready to reduce your need for third party leads, click the tabs below to find out more about generating first party new and used car leads at your dealership. Each tab has a short video so that you can learn why iText Lead Capture is the right tool for your car dealership.

The iTextTextnology Platform Explained

iTextTextnology is the best tool in the automotive industry for helping car dealerships take control of the first party lead generation process.

Third party lead provider relationships are meant to be temporary. With the iTextTextnology platform you can generate your own new and used car lead opportunities.

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Create Leads Instead of Buying Them

Do you have better results with leads you get from your website or 3rd party sites? Obviously the shoppers who contact you through your own website are going to be better quality and that’s exactly why you’re going to love generating first party leads using iTextTextnology.

Our platform helps you generate more 1st party leads so you can cut your dependence on 3rd party lead providers.

Wouldn’t you like to stop paying for used car leads and new car leads from third party providers? With the iTextTextnology Platform you’ll be on your way to better quality and reduced costs.

Contact us or text the code 1LEAD to the phone number 76626 to receive a Special Offer for your dealership.*

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Where Can I Generate Leads?

The real question is where can’t you generate opportunities using iTextTextnology?

Our platform will help you generate more new car leads and used car leads from every single source that you advertise.

Whether you’re marketing online or offline, the iTextTextnology Platform will give you an easy way to increase the quantity and quality of new and used car lead opportunities you receive.

Text 1Lead to 76626 for a special offer right now!*

*Standard text and data rates apply.

Using iTextTextnology with 3rd Party Sites

While iTextTextnology is designed to get the best results by generating additional first party new car leads and used car leads from your own website, it can also be used to turbo charge all of your third party websites as well.

To generate additional, better quality lead opportunities with valid mobile numbers using iTextTextnology on sites like Cars.com, AutoTrader, Edmunds and CarGurus you can use calls to action in your seller’s comments, banner ads, or vehicle overlays. Contact us using the form below or Text the code 1Lead to the phone number 76626 for a special offer.*

*Standard text and data rates apply.

Unlimited Leads No Lead Fees

iTextTextnology is a platform that you use to generate your own opportunities. Just pay the annual platform fee and generate an unlimited amount of leads with no per-lead fees.

Imagine receiving another 50 to 100 new and used car leads without paying any third party lead fees.

Text 1Lead to the phone number 76626 now to learn how you can STOP paying for new and used car leads and start creating them!*

*Standard text and data rates apply when texting.